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The Company was first incorporated in 1942 under the name, ABDUL AZIZ AND ALI AL YOUSIF ALMUZAINI, to conduct exchange business. On the 26th of January 1995 we transformed to a Closed Shareholding Company under the name: Al Muzaini Exchange Co. However, our values did not change. During the last 7 decades, we have grown from limited branches and a small team, to over 105 locations in operation and a large employee base. Throughout this time, we have continually been providing our customers dedicated and top-quality services. Today, this has grown to become our tradition.

Why choose Al Muzaini?


We have a multinational team able to cater to you in your native language. This enables us to not only ensure a pleasant customer experience, but to also avoid communication challenges. This is crucial, especially in the sensitive environment of financial transactions.


The company is run by teams of highly experienced staff, who bring with them unique expertise and knowledge gained from their banking track records. The staff teams are service-oriented and undergo regular training to remain abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Our focus is to give impeccable service to our customers, making transactions as quick and effortless as possible.


We use the latest technology for secure and quick transactions. We regularly update our technology to be on par with continuous advancements in the field. We are affiliated with SWIFT for quick payments.


Company History

Company History

The company was first incorporated in 1942 under the name, Abdul Aziz and Ali Al Yousif Al Muzaini in the business of currency exchange.


Chairman's Message

Since its inception, the Al Muzaini Exchange Company has been at the forefront of financial services. It is our journey to always

Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision, Mission, and Values

To keep pace with the accelerated evolution and modernization of the global and regional exchange

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. Abdul Latif Al Muzaini is Chairman of the Al Muzaini and Mr. Abdul Razak AL Muzaini is Vice Chairman.

Executive Management

Executive Management

There are powerful persons in our executive management team. They are intelligent and hardworking persons of the management team.