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Since its inception, the Al Muzaini Exchange Company has been at the forefront of financial services. It is our journey to always strive to build our reputation and position, and always committing to the highest of standards of quality in all the services we offer. We have proven our efforts in leadership in the local market and have satisfied all of our customers.

Al Muzaini is focused on continuing to innovate in money transfer services in the fastest and safest ways in the purchase of all major world currencies at guaranteed prices that are competitive, while taking the highest level of special precautions to combat fake currency trading, phishing scams and other financial fraud actions that have sprung up in large numbers in recent times around the world. We have launched this company with well-established people who are always hard at work, and with the passage of time we gain more experience and skills so that the company can provide the best financial services to meet the rising demands of a fixed, high quality and quick exchange service.

And to the management of the company as a whole. Their wise leadership has led to the overcoming of difficult circumstances. We wish them success in everything they do in the future. I would also like to thank and show appreciation to our shareholders, who are distinguished for their loyalty and support for the company. In addition, special thanks to our valued customer for their confidence in us, which is the source of our pride, the very pride that motivates us to continue to work.

Let me express my gratitude on my own behalf and the behalf of the members of the Board of Directions by thanking all the staff of the company for their efforts and dedication of the commitment of their work. They have undoubtedly led to the achieving the objectives of restructuring the company and it has resulted in significant growth in the operating performance of Al Muzaini.