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What are the acceptable Identification‘s I can use while transacting with you. ? Can I use my Driving License as an Identification while performing a Transaction?

The driving license is not a valid Identification as per Central Bank of Kuwait Guidelines. As per Central Bank of Kuwait guidelines, a valid/unexpired

  • Civil Id
  • Passport
  • GCC Card
are acceptable identification one can use for performing a transaction.
Is there any limit for payments in cash?

Yes! As per Central Bank of Kuwait guidelines, we can only accept up to 3000 /- KD in cash for any transactions. For amounts above 3000/- KD you can use the following methods

  • K-NET
  • Bank transfer to our account with a local bank.
  • Cheque drawn on local bank ( Subject to realization )
What are the services offered by your company?

Please click on the following link for more information.

I want to send a Western Union transfer. What details should I provide?

A Western Union transfer requires you to give the following.

  • Name of the Receiver
  • Destination Country
  • Amount you want to send
Please make sure to give the accurate name of the receiver,as per the identification produced by the receiver.
I want to send a Bank to Bank Transfer / Transfer to my account. What information should I be providing?

It is always important to provide your accurate bank details in order to avoid any discrepancies. The following information is required.

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name & Branch Address.
Transfers for specific countries might require more details. Kindly contact our Customer Services for more details.
Can I use my credit card for making payment?

Currently we do not accept payments from Credit Cards; However you may use any of the following methods to carry out a transaction.

  • Cash ( Up to 3000 /- KD )
  • Use your K-NET Dept Card
  • Bank transfer to our Account with a Local Bank.
  • Cheque drawn on local bank ( Subject to realization )

Al Muzaini accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

I have a Complaint regarding a product or service I have availed.

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