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Al Muzaini Company was founded in 1942 under the name Abdul Aziz and Ali Al Yousif Al Muzaini to function as a money exchange business. On 26th January 1995, the company was transformed to a closed shareholding company under the name Al Muzaini Company and is regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Al Muzaini Company is the leading money transfer and remittance company and the first exchange company in Kuwait. For the past 8 decades, it boasts of serving millions of happy customers and helping them send money to their loved ones located anywhere, anytime and with ease. Over the years, the company has grown to have more than 124 branches all across Kuwait and is highly respected and valued.

The company has great relationships with foreign banks and financial institutions and has built a clientele of corporate organizations through trust and its quality service. Al Muzaini has collaborations with multiple financial institutions in order to provide the best possible service for its customers at all times and to evolve and grow to retain its position as the leading exchange company.

The company has a large multicultural workforce of hard working and efficient employees that place the mission, vision and the values of the company at heart while serving the customers.



Al Muzaini has a multinational and diverse team who are able to cater to you in your native language. This enables the company not only to ensure a pleasant customer experience, but also to avoid potential communication challenges. This is crucial, especially in the sensitive environment of financial transactions.



The company is run by highly experienced staff, who bring with them unique expertise and knowledge gained from their banking track records. The staff are service-oriented and undergo regular trainings to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Their focus is to give impeccable service to their customers, making transactions as quick and effortless as possible.



Al Muzaini uses the latest technology for secure and quick transactions. The company regularly updates its technology to be at par with continuous advancements in the field. It is affiliated with SWIFT for quick payments. Al Muzaini also has their own mobile app that provides the option of conducting money transfers and remittance from the comfort of your own homes. The company has also recently launched their self-service kiosks that are located in strategic locations that serves to dispense foreign currencies and perform money transfers without having to visit the branches.

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Company History